Saturday, 30 November 2013

Exciting news...

This week has been an exciting one for us, with a lovely phone call from the people at Koodi and Purflo.

I am very proud to announce that I have been selected as a....


Koodi have a gorgeous range of fantastically fun baby and toddler products - colourful, affordable and designed to make parents lives easier. Perfect right? AND the products have brightly coloured polka dots on, and I do love a good polka dot. From feeding and sleeping to bathtime and travel, Koodi have got it covered. With a recent Progressive pre-school best home decor, furniture and bedding range award for their fantastic bath range, I am proud to represent them. 

I am also representing Purflo. For those of you who don't know, Purflo is the 'Good night, sleep tight' sleep system - designed to give your baby the cleanest, safest, healthiest sleeping environment possible. The unique design hollow core and mesh sleep surface of the mattress helps prevent Flat Head Syndrome and reduces the risk of SID. Providing everything from mattresses and sleeping bags to comforters and breathable bumpers, Purflo offer the ultimate bedtime solution. With 2 asthma and eczema sufferers in the house, I am over the moon to be working alongside such an innovative company. 

I can't wait to share everything about these truly amazing brands with you all. Keep your eyes peeled for our first Koodi review coming soon. 

Zu3D - Dinosaurs in Space review

I have come across Zu3D before, when working in a primary school, but have never got round to giving it a go with Gemma and Jacob. So when we were asked to review the 'Dinosaurs in Space' kit from Zu3D I was keen to see how they would get on with it.
The concept is pretty simple - you make the characters and the scene, then you use 'stop motion' technology to create your film - basically a series of still shots that are then merged together to make a moving image.

Set the scene
Making the scenery is easy, even for little ones. The Dinosaurs in Space box opens up to reveal a scene, which you can then decorate and colour. Gemma and Jacob used felt pens for this, but you could really use anything - paints, wax crayons or chalk.

Create the characters
Depending on the age of the child, this may need some adult input. The characters are made from plasticine, and there is a step by step guide on the CD that shows you how to make the dinosaurs. Of course, you can choose to create your own characters - you don't have to make copies of the ones shown on the box, but we decided to follow the guide and see what we could come up with. It is fairly simple - you can obviously adapt here and there, if you want to change the shape of the spikes or claws for example, but the guide is straightforward - Kevin made 2 dinosaurs in about 15 minutes. The children helped with shaping them, and they also made some little extras - trees, rocks and a snail (don't ask why) to add to their scene.

Make it real
To make a film, set up the webcam included in the kit, then pop your dinosaurs in the position you want to start with. Take an image. Move the dinosaurs and any other props you have made to the next position, bearing in mind that it needs to be small, subtle movements to work properly on film. You just keep doing this, until you come to the end of your story. Gemma and Jacob had written a storyboard in advance, so they knew exactly what they wanted to happen.

The software allows you to watch your film back, make changes and even add in sound effects. It's a great fun and interactive kit that allows the whole family to get involved, and something that would make a perfect Christmas present for any budding film maker or set designer. Priced at just £34.99, and with the option to use it over and over again, I think this is a bit of a bargain!

Our Dinosaurs in Space


* We were sent this kit free of charge for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own *

Friday, 29 November 2013

Get discount happy this Christmas

A lot of us are starting to feel the pinch at this time of year - the endless Christmas lists, the expensive food and drink, the continual TV adverts showing your children the latest 'must have' toys - everything seems to involve us emptying our pockets. So I am always on the lookout for any money saving tips, deals and codes I can use to reduce my Christmas expenditure.

One thing featuring highly on many wish lists this year is technology - in any shape or form. From children's tablets to mobile phones, TV's and laptops, everyone loves a new bit of gadgetry. But it doesn't come cheap. So this is one area where a little bit of online research can come in really quite handy, and save you a few pennies along the way.
Start by deciding exactly which item it is you want to buy, and how much you are willing to spend. Don't be tempted over your budget - you will only regret it later. 
Once you know what you want, start searching for deals. There are some great offers on laptops out there - codes offering 10% off may not sound much, but actually add up to quite a bit when you consider how much you are shelling out. Snap them up while they last.
There are also some good reduced price deals around if you are willing to go and look for them. Some are time limited, so make sure you are in a position to buy at the time. Flash sales come and go in the blink of an eye, but they do offer some fantastic bargains if you are quick enough!
Don't rule out the supermarkets - they may sometime surprise you with their range of products, and the offers available - try saving up any shop vouchers and points you collect during the course of the year and use them to knock big chunks of money off Christmas gifts - it can save you a small fortune.
However, if you are not sure what you want, and you need a bit of advice, you might be better sticking to the larger PC and electronic retailers, as they are much better placed to give you specific, tailored advice and help you make the right choice.

Don't panic if technology and gadgets feature highly on your family's wish lists this year. Although many of these items are expensive, there are ALWAYS deals to be had. You just need to know where to look.

* This is a PR collaboration *

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Infasense makes sense!

You know that feeling when your baby outgrows their sleepsuits, but the arms and legs on the next size up are way too long? Yeah, it's a pain isn't it? Becoming a more concerning problem as your baby starts to stand and walk, when the length of the legs mean they can slip, trip and fall, and a pure irritation when the long sleeves dip into the weetabix at breakfast time it's clear that someone, somewhere needed to come up with a clever idea to stop this.

That's where Infasense comes in. They recognised that no 2 babies are the same, and one size doesn't fit all. And so, the Justafit sleepsuit was born. It features velcro adjusters on wrists and ankles, making it quick and simple to tighten them in to fit your little one, and adjust with them as they grow. It nips in the ankles so there are no trailing feet to trip over, and it pulls in at the wrists so that toys, food and anything else can be grabbed without dangling sleeves getting in the way!

Besides all of the clever stuff, they are just lovely, soft sleepsuits, perfect for day and night wear. They have the usual popper fastenings to make for easy nappy changes, and they come in a range of really lovely colours - Max is wearing the Crystalline Teal. Priced at £18.99 for a double pack, I think they are well worth investing in, especially as your baby progresses to the cruising and exploring stage.

* We were sent an Infansense sleepsuit free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own *

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Childrens Christmas craft ideas

This week I have found myself thinking about Christmas crafts to make with the children. There are some things we do every single year, and I would also like to introduce some new ideas.

One of our favourites is salt dough decorations. Salt dough is super easy to make, and the children can decorate them in any way they please.

Salt dough

  • Half a cup of water
  • Half a cup of salt
  • One cup flour
You simply add the water slowly to the dry ingredients, then knead together and roll out. We use cookie cutters to make festive shapes, making sure to pop a hole in the top so we can hang them on the tree! Pop in the oven for about 3 hours on a low heat, or microwave for 3 minutes until dry. Then you can decorate! I just arm the children with old clothes and a load of paints and let them go wild.

I think this year we might also have a go at making some Christmas stockings. I have some green and red felt which I will attempt to cut into the right shape, and then Gemma and Jacob can decorate with stick on felt shapes, sequins, pom poms and whatever else they fancy.

We would also love to have a go at making our own Christmas wreath. I don't know about you, but I can never find the 'perfect' one for my front door. So this year, I am going to buy a plain rattan wreath and decorate in my own colour scheme (this year, I am going blue and silver). It may not look like the ones in the shop, but we will have fun getting busy with the ribbon, the berries and the glitter spray, and it will be all the more special if we have made it ourselves, right?

What are your favourite Christmas crafty ideas to get the children involved with? Would love some more ideas that we could have a go at!

* This post is written in association with Hobbycraft *

Buggysnuggle review

I don't know what the weather is like where you are right now, but down here in Devon it is FREEZING. With school runs, shopping and appointments to manage, a 6 month old baby, and no access to a car during the week, finding something to keep Max warm and snuggly in the pushchair is very important. And that's where Buggysnuggle comes in.

Buggysnuggles are universal footmuffs that have been keeping little ones toasty and warm since 1998, and we have been testing the fabulous Olive Citroens Fur design.

A deep olive green fur, with funky coloured cars to brighten up even the dreariest day - I love this design. If I am being honest, it is probably not a design I would have picked out had I been choosing myself, but in real life? It's lovely. 
So we have established that it looks gorgeous, now how does it stack up on a practical level? 
I have been using the Buggysnuggle for a couple of weeks now, and with the sudden cold snap, there has really been no better test. I am pleased to say that Max has been cosy, snug and warm every single day, even when there has been frost on the ground. 

The Buggysnuggle is quick and simple to fit to any pushchair - just pull the 'pocket' over the top of the pushchair seat. If that doesn't work for your pushchair, there is also the option to attach the footmuff with ties - just find a space at the top of the chassis and secure it that way. It takes seconds. 
The fur is the softest I have come across, and must be so comfortable to sit on. It can even be used as a liner in the warmer months, simply by zipping off the top layer - meaning the pushchair seat will always be soft and squidgy for little bottoms!
One of my favourite features is the 2 way zip at the bottom of the footmuff. If older children have been splashing in muddy puddles and then want to sit in the pushchair, you don't need to worry about your Buggysnuggle getting filthy - just unzip the bottom section and dirty wellies can poke out the bottom. So your little one gets a warm ride, and you can relax knowing you are not going to need to do yet another load of washing when you get home!
The Buggysnuggle stood up to the ultimate test last weekend, when we went to watch the Christmas light switch on. 6pm, freezing cold - but Max was toasty! Even though the rest of us needed to defrost afterwards...

If you are after a versatile footmuff option (especially if you are like me and have loads too many more than one pushchair) then the Buggysnuggle would be a worthwhile investment. Plenty of space from birth - child, super soft and warm, and, quite frankly, gorgeous!

* We were sent this item free of charge for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own *

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Get in the Christmas spirit with Santa Sprint

Christmas is coming - there's no denying it. The children are bubbling over with Christmas excitement already, so when we were asked to review the new 'Santa Sprint' game from the people behind the Portable North Pole I just knew it would satisfy their Santa cravings. For now at least...

The game is very simple, and self explanatory. Gemma worked out how to do it herself, just by reading the simple on-screen instructions. In short - you are an elf, and your job is to collect things for Santa - stars, hot chocolate mugs, bags of cookies. You have to avoid the 'baddies' - little ice men and penguins who will freeze you if you are too slow!

There are 3 levels to complete:
  • the workshop
  • the library
  • the stables
Each level has 15 floors of fun to complete, so you do get a decent amount of game for your money! After each floor, you have the option to 'upgrade' yourself and make it harder for the baddies to get you!
A perfect festive game for little ones - although they did need my help for some of the harder levels (not that I was much good at it at all), and when you complete a full level, Santa reads a lovely little story. IN the run up to Christmas, I get the feeling this game will be played A LOT.

* We were sent a download code to review this game. All thoughts and opinions are my own *

Personal Planner review and giveaway

I love a good list, or a good spreadsheet. I like to be organised, appointments are written religiously on the kitchen calendar, blog posts are noted in my diary, and work is listed on the whiteboard. I would hate to not have a list on the go - it is SO satisfying crossing things off!
When I was asked to review a planner from Personal Planner I just knew it would be right up my street.
The fact that you can personalise and design it your own way is a great feature, and one I really enjoyed getting stuck into. I chose a bright orange polka dot cover, a classic diary style layout, and lined paper at the back for my lists and notes.

You can customise pretty much everything on these planners - from the layout of the pages, the headers, colours and wording. You can even add in an 'intro' page:

I am intending to use my planner purely as my personal blogging diary. Just for me. All those lovely, crisp, white pages....

If you fancy winning a personal planner of your very own then I have the giveaway for you. Just enter below for your chance to win any size planner/notebook of your choice:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* We were sent a planner free of charge to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own*
Terms and conditions of giveaway - open to UK residents only. Ends 10/12/13 and winner will be selected using a random generator. Winner will receive an email and must claim their prize within 10 days or it will be redrawn.  Win competitions at

Making a Makie

3D printing. It's all a bit weird right? I can't get my brain around how it works, and how things will look.
So when I was contacted by Makies Lab and asked to review a new Makie doll, which is created using 3D print technology, I was intrigued. I really want to see if 3D printing works - what do things look like, are they actually useable?

Makies dolls are the worlds first 3D printed toy. Standing at 10" tall, they are poseable, and completley created by YOU. We were sent a Makie voucher, allowing us to create our very own doll.

The 'Create a Makie' gift card costs £69, and this allows you to fully design your own doll, either online or via the app store. The ordering process is ever so simple - the site allows you a whole host of customisable options, so you can choose the clothing, hair, eyes and even the facial expression of your doll.


Once you have designed your doll, you simply click to 'Make it real' and wait for your doll to arrive. Delivery costs £6.60 and your Makie should arrive within 3 weeks. Once our doll arrives, I will post a further review, and show you what 3D printing really looks like!

* We were sent a voucher to create a Makie doll. All thoughts and opinions are my own *

Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas cookies recipe

The children wanted to do some baking this weekend, and with it *almost* being December, what better thing to make than Christmas cookies?

  • 175g butter
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 275g plain flour
  • Writing icing to decorate
  • Cut the butter into small pieces, then add to a bowl with the flour and sugar
  • Rub the butter between your fingers to make tiny crumbs
  • Squeeze the crumbs together to make a dough
  • Knead lightly, then place between 2 sheets of baking powder and roll out thinly

  • Peel off the top piece of paper and cut out shapes - we used Christmas cutters but you can use whatever you like!
  • Place on a baking tray, and bake for 10 minutes at 180 degrees.
  • Once cooled - decorate to your heart's desire!

A really simple recipe that is great for little hands. Why not give it a try? 

Link up your recipe of the week

Heat Holders tights giveaway

You may remember that I recently ran a competition to win some gorgeously warm Heat Holders socks. If you weren't a lucky winner in that giveaway, then you have another chance to keep your toes toasty in this new competition!

3 lucky winners will each receive a pair of thermal tights. Soft, comfy and cosy, with a highly insulating o.63 tog rating, they will keep cold toes AND legs warm this winter. You can even wear them under your trousers for extra super-duper cuddliness!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* Terms and conditions: Open to UK residents only. Competition ends on 9/12/2013 and winner will be selected using a random generator. Winner will be emailed, and ust claim their prize within 10 days or it will be redrawn * Win competitions at

Petite Star car walker review

At almost 7 months, Max is desperate to be on the move, but he hasn't quite worked out how to do it yet! He loves being upright, and he loves to bounce. So when we were asked to review the Petite Star 3 in 1 car walker, we just knew it would be a hit with our little bouncer!

Bounce Bounce!

Remember me saying it is a 3 in 1 walker? This clever piece of kit really shows it's value for money - not only is it your standard 'sit in' walker, it also has a 'jump' option so for little ones who are not quite ready to take those first steps, they can bounce away happily. Finally, once they are confisent on their feet, you can push in the 'sit in' section to transform it into a push along walker! 3 toys in one!
Max isn't quite ready for the walker options just yet, but the bounce option is a huge hit.
He loves the toys on the walker. There is a steering wheel that plays music, a horn, 2 bars on the side with sliding beads, and Max's favourite, a mirror with a spinning ring.

The walker even comes with blank numberplate stickers and a set of letters and numbers, so you can make your own personalised plate for your little driver.

The Petite Star 3 in 1 car walker is a fantastic toy, with the 3 in 1 option a really lovely, value for money idea. Despite all it offers, it is very compact, and won't take over your living room. It comes in blue or pink, and is priced at £69.98, available from Nursery Value. With some really great features such as speed restricting wheels to prevent it running away from your little one, and the bounce option for smaller racers, I think this product should be on all small people's Christmas lists this year!


* We were sent the walker free of charge for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own *

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

A parade of light

You know that Christmas is really on the way when the Christmas lights are switched on in the town. And this year it was an extra special event for Gemma as she was asked to take part in the lantern parade.
Every year, children from each school in the town parade through the streets with the lanterns they have made at school - these can be anything from traditional lantern shapes to fish, dragons, horses, stars - you name it!

So last night, Gemma wrapped up warm and proudly carried her lantern through the town centre behind the amazing band. It was a night of music, light and chatter - and it ended with the Christmas light switch on.

The rain held off, and everyone had a really lovely evening. The lanterns looked ever so pretty, and the effort that had been put into them was obvious.

Have the Christmas lights been switched on in your town yet?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Silent Sunday 24/11/13

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bullguard identity protection

As a parent of young children, internet safety is something I take seriously, and something that does worry me. In this age of social media, it is all too easy for children to get themselves into danger - and as much as this is a huge concern, I belive it is also important for children to have a bit of independence - as long as it can be done safely.

A recent study has shown that 1 in 5 parents have been shocked by content they have discovered on their childs email, text or Facebook account. 
More than one in ten parents have had to deal with their child being bullied online and a whopping 17 per cent have had to intervene after their child was threatened.
 What’s more concerning is that 23 per cent of parents said their child didn’t know the perpetrator.

The worrying stats also revealed the average child doesn’t actually know 40 per cent of the people they are friends with on Facebook.
It’s no wonder then that one in four parents have confessed their snooping to their children because they were so concerned about what they found.

1.            Reading messages on social networking sites
2.            Checking their internet history
3.            Reading their text messages
4.            Monitoring their list of friends on social networking sites
5.            Checking their pictures on social networking sites
6.            Reading their emails
7.            Checking their call list
8.            Finding out their passwords
9.            Asking teachers to keep an eye on their internet use
10.          Getting a sibling to help to snoop
How do you feel about children using the internet? Have you ever 'snooped' to see what they are getting up to?

Bullguard identity protection is a software that offers complete Identity and Social Media protection. It allows parents to quietly and unobtrusively monitor messages, posts, photos and friends lists - and it will alert you if inappropriate content or suspicious strangers are detected. As well as all that, you also get complete identity protection, safeguarding your personal and financial details, and alerting you if your details have been stolen or compromised.

The software is easy to install - there are simple step by step instructions to guide you through, and it works across all devices and operating systems. And with 24/7 customer support provided as standard, I can rest assured that the whole family is protected both day and night. 

The Miracle Box buggy hooks and clips review

A few months ago, you may remember that I ran a competition to win a changing bag from the range at The Miracle Box. As an approved Miracle Box reviewer, I have now been sent some of their buggy hooks and buggy clips to review.

I wasn't sure at first what the difference between buggy hooks and clips was, but they actually do very different jobs.

Buggy hooks

The buggy hooks are large, open hook style attachments (think Captain Hook style) and the attach to the pram handle with strong velcro loops. They are adjustable, so should fit securely to any type of handle.

They are the type of hooks I would use for shopping, school bags, lunchboxes etc. They can hold up to 2.5kg and can swivel right round to make loading and unloading much easier.

Buggy clips

The buggy clips are more the sort of thing you sometimes see on changing bag straps - a 'D' ring style clip that allows you to securely attach items to the handle of your pushchair.

I have been using these for my changing bag - the 2 clips balance the load evenly, and they keep the changing bag up high on the handle so it does not swing down near the wheels and get dirty. It also keeps it out of the way of Max's feet when he is parent facing in the pushchair. As they are a more secure, spring loaded clip, they are ideal for keeping things safe - no-one could easily snatch your bag if they were attached with these buggy clips.

Both sets of clips are priced at £5.99 for a pack of 2 - extremely good value, as it gives you so much more carrying space.

* These items were sent free of charge for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own *

Friday, 22 November 2013

Funky Giraffe Christmas Stocking review

With it being Max's first Christmas this year, we have been looking out for little mementos to keep, and so we were really looking forward to receiving our stocking from Funky Giraffe.

We couldn't wait to open the parcel:

The stocking is lovely as it can be kept for years to come to remember that 1st special Christmas. It's a simple design but has that Christmassy feeling, and the bright colours give a real impact.It would be perfect for any little boy or girl's first Christmas.
It comes with a lovely wide silk loop, so you can hang it anywhere around the house, and the stocking itself is surprisingly spacious, with plenty of room for all those treats from Santa! Max's zebra sneaked in when we weren't looking and made himself at home ;-)

I would definitely recommend this stocking to anyone - it is high quality, well designed, well made and is something special to keep, and look back on as your children grow.

* We were sent this item free of charge for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own *

Giveaway - win Olbas Oil and Jakemans goodies!

It's that time of year again - the time of year where everyone in the house seems to have a cough, a cold and a sniffle for months on end. It doesn't seem to matter how warm you wrap up, or how well you eat, there is no avoiding the winter bugs and with little ones in the family, that can mean a lot of disturbed sleep for everyone - a lot more than you might think!

If this all sounds far too familiar, then why not enter my competition? You could win 2 bottles of Olbas Bath, 2 packs of Jakeman's Minis Throat and Chest sweets and 2 packs of Jakeman's Minis Honey and Lemon sweets. Perfect for the whole family this winter - we WILL beat those snuffles!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Terms and conditions - open to UK residents only. Competition ends on 6/12/2013 and winner will be chosen using a random generator. Winner will receive an email, and must claim their prize within 10 days or it will be redrawn. * Win competitions at

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Cheese and ham potato bake recipe

It is really starting to feel like winter, and I am feeling the need for proper winter comfort food. One of my favourite things to eat at this time of year is a simple potato bake.
I think the most important thing to start with is a really good quality potato, such as Greenvale Farm Fresh potatoes. These potatoes are what I call an 'all rounder' - they can be used for roasting, baking, mash, boiling - or in this case just slicing for a delicious potato bake.


  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1.5 cups grated cheese (I like to use a mature cheddar)
  • 1 cup chopped ham
  • 2 cups broccoli, finely diced
  • salt and pepper
  • 6 potatoes, thinly sliced


  1. Melt the butter, then add the flour and heat for 1 minute on a medium heat, stirring frequently. 
  2. Slowly add the milk while steadily whisking, then bring to the boil. 
  3. Add the cheese and mix until melted. 
  4. Add the ham and broccoli and stir until well mixed.
  5. Season to taste.
  6. Layer half of the potato slices in a dish, then pour half the sauce over the top. Repeat with the second layer of potatoes and sauce.
  7. Cover with foil and bake at 220*C for 50 minutes
  8. Remove the foil, sprinkle with grated cheese and return to the oven for a further 10 minutes.
The result is a really lovely, warming winter potato bake that the whole family will enjoy. 

And if you have any potatoes leftover, there is nothing more popular with my children than a big plate of creamy mash!

What is your favourite winter warmer recipe?

Link up your recipe of the week

* We were sent a bag of Greenvale Farm Fresh potatoes to review, and we used them to create this recipe *

Bonmarche maxi dress - review

It is almost Christmas party season, and like many other women across the country, I have been searching for the perfect dress for the occasion.
Luckily, I was sent this beautiful embellished belt maxi dress from Bonmarche. As soon as it arrived I knew it was going to be perfect for any events and parties I attend. The colour is a beautiful, deep purple - lovey for the festive season, but would work just as well at any other time of the year.

The jersey style material skims the body without clinging to lumps and bumps (very important post baby!) and the nipped in waist is very flattering. 
I also love the belt - the detail is so pretty:

I am planning to wear this dress to a christening in a couple of weeks time, as I think it is the perfect blanace between dressy and casual. 

Do you buy special clothes for Christmas parties and the festive season?

* I was sent this item free of charge for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own *

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Christmas shopping with Sports Direct

Christmas shopping is well and truly underway, and with a huge list of children to be for - my own, my nieces and nephews, godchildren and friends little ones - I am always on the lookout for some inspiration. I recently came across the Sports Direct Christmas shop and managed to find several lovely items there - especially in the children's section.

One of our favourites was the large magnetic scribbler. They come in several character designs - Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Minnie Mouse, Spiderman and Fireman Sam. We were sent a Spiderman scribbler to try out at home.

Both Gemma and Jacob really like this item. There are 4 shape printers and a pen, so you can create many different pictures and secret notes, then simply pull the lever to wipe the pad clean and start again. The scribbler is of very good quality - we have had scribblers like this in the past, but the pens have always left marks on the pad and they don't wipe clean properly, whereas this one does seem to do the job much better.

The only small niggle is the length of the string on the pen - it is definitely designed for right handed children. Jacob is left handed, and struggles to pull the pen far enough across the scribbler to make writing easy. I would love to see a longer string here.

The Spiderman scribbler from Sports Direct seems well made, sturdy and long lasting, and at just £8 I think it is a real bargain this Christmas.

* We were sent this item free of charge for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own *