Thursday, 17 April 2014

The TMI tag

I was recently tagged by the lovely Colette @ We're going on an adventure to take part in this TMI tag. Here goes......

1. What are you wearing? Black jeans and a black and white stripy tee. Nothing exciting, but I don't tend to dress up for the Easter holidays lol.

2. Ever been in love? Just the once - with my husband. I used to think I was in love before him, but when I met him I realised what love actually is. (Stopping with the soppy stuff now)

3. Ever had a terrible break up? Not really. I have had a few break ups that I thought were terrible at the time, but they really weren't, looking back. 

4. How tall are you? A diddy 5'3" 

5. How much do you weigh? Ermmm...I don't know. I tend not to weigh myself much, I will just get depressed ha ha! It's probably somewhere around the 10 stone mark.

6. Any tattoos? Nope!

7. Any piercings? Just my ears. I don't tend to wear a lot of jewellery.

8. OTP? I have zero idea what that means. Ha ha!

9. Favourite show? Hmmm I have a few that I watch regularly - anything medical based such as One Born Every Minute, Casualty, Junior Paramedics - that sort of thing. The world of medicine fascinated me, and I plan to one day make it my career.

10. Favourite bands? Oooh there are many. Snow Patrol, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Greenday. Yeah yeah, I am old.

11. Something you miss? Horse riding. It was my life before children, and I miss it hugely.

12. Favourite song? Aerosmith - Don't want to miss a thing. My wedding song, and tied up with a whole lot of memories.

13. How old are you? About to turn 30.

14. Zodiac sign? Taurus. 

15. Quality you look for in a partner? Loyalty. Someone who will stand by my side no matter what. Without that, there wouldn't be much point in it all.

16. Favourite quote? I don't know if it counts as a quote, but I just love this little poem. It's all true.

17. Favourite actor? I wouldn't say I have one really!

18. Favourite colour? Purple.

19. Loud music or soft? Both, depending on where I am and what I am doing. If I had to choose - soft.

20. Where do you go when you're sad? The garden is always good for clearing your head. A bit of space, some fresh air and a glass of wine ;)

21. How long does it take you to shower? With 3 kids? Minutes! Lol

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?  Again - with 3 kids, not long at all. I can have us all washed, dressed, fed and out the door in half an hour if needs must.

23. Ever been in a physical fight? No - and I don't intend to either!

24. Turn on? Just someone I can be myself with. Not feeling the need to try and be something I'm not. 

25. Turn off? Bad breath. Eurghh.

26. The reason I joined Youtube? So I could add videos to my blog!

27. Fears? I detest spiders and snakes. They make my stomach turn. I am also rubbish with heights.

28. Last thing that made you cry? I have done stressed crying lately - the whole moving house thing is resorting me to regular bouts of tears!

29. Last time you said you loved someone? Tonight, when putting Max to bed. I tell the kids I love them every day, and I tell Kevin when I remember ha ha!

30. Meaning behind your blog name? It's pretty self explanatory really - Family Fever because my blog centres around my family, and our surname is Fever.

31. Last book you read? Just what kind of Mother are you? by Paula Daly - a really interesting thriller - -definitely a page turner I would recommend!

32.  The book you're currently reading? I have just started re-reading The Hunger Games.

33. Last show you watched? Masterchef. My guilty pleasure.

34.  Last person you talked to? Gemma - we were discussing what she wanted to do tomorrow.

35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Colette from We're going on an adventure. We were discussing our plans for tea and cake next month. I CANNOT wait.

36. Favourite food? There are loads! Chocolate, sausage and mash, spag bol, steak and chips. I'm not that fussy...

37. Place you want to visit? I would love to go to the Dominican Republic. We were supposed to go there for our honeymoon, and then we found out we were expecting Gemma, and ended up in Cornwall instead. Would love to have a second honeymoon and go where we originally planned.

38. Last place you were? At my mum and dads house. The kids were building a dam in the stream in their garden.

39. Do you have a crush? Hmm, not really, but I wouldn't turn away Channing Tatum if he knocked on my door!

40. Last time you kissed someone? I just kissed Max as I put him to bed.

41. Last time you were insulted? I honestly can't remember. 

42. Favourite flavour of sweet? Definitely rhubarb and custard!

43. What instruments do you play? None.

44. Favourite piece of jewellery? My engagement ring - for very obvious sentimental reasons!

45. Last sport you played? Sport? What's that? 

46. Last song you sang? If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.

47. Favourite chat up line? No, no, no. Just wrong, they are always far too cheesy!

48. Have you ever used it? See above. Lol

49. Last time you hung out with anyone? Yesterday - I hung out with Katie at the adventure playground while the kids played, we had a good chat and several cups of tea.

50. Who should answer these questions next? Chantelle from Mama Mummy Mum,Becky from The Laughing Owls and Kerry from Oh so Amelia.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Degustabox review

I have heard a lot of good things about Degustabox and so when I was asked to review a 3 month subscription I jumped at the chance.
Each box will contain 10-15 surprise food goodies, many of which are new to the market. I love this idea, as it can sometimes be hard to think of new and interesting meal and snack ideas to keep everyone happy!

In my March box I received:

  • Schwartz flavour shots - little pots of herbs, spices and seasoning in oil to add to your cooking - they really do give things a flavour hit! We used ours in pasta and a stir fry, yum!
  • MOMA porridge pots - one plain and one cranberry and raisin. I wasn't overly keen on the plain one, I found it a bit bland, but you could easily add your own fruit to spice it up a bit. I loved the cranberry and raisin one - not too sweet, but full of flavour!
  • Tyrrells sweet and salty popcorn - I am not usually a popcorn fan, but I couldn't stop sneaking handfuls of this stuff - the combination of sweet and salty flavour is perfectly balanced and very moreish!
  • Drink me Chai Chocolate Chai Latte and Tea: latte - I don't drink a lot of hot drinks, but the fact the Chai contained chocolate convinced me to give it a go, and I was pleasantly surprised. It is creamy and deep, and has a warming kick to it. I gave the Tea: latte to my mum, who told me it was unusual, but she quite liked it.
  • Shaken Udder milkshakes - I cannot comment on these, as the children has devoured them before I got a look in. They tell me they were 'yummy and fruity' and I have been ordered to buy more.
  • Mexican Dave's cheesy nachos - I wasn't a fan of these, they were just a bit too strong for me, but there is a recipe for loaded nachos in the box and I think this might work better for me as I could top them with my favourite things.
  • Organico wheat pasta - we all like wheat pasta, and eat it quite a lot, so this was a welcome addition.
  • Organico tomato and basil sauce - again, a favourite in our house, and this sauce was wonderful with the pasta, and topped with some melted cheese. There is a great recipe in the box too, for Mediterranean tuna pasta, which we will be trying out at some point.
Overall, I am very impressed with the box. There were lots of items in there that I haven't come across before, but will now feature highly on my shopping list.

Plum Baby Little Yums review

I am very aware of what I feed Max, doing my very best to ensure he gets a wide range of flavours, textures and tastes and allowing him to lead the way in telling me what he needs and wants. If he wants to mix weetabix with cheese, who am I to stop him?

When Plum Baby got in touch, I knew their products would suit us. We were sent some of the new Little Yums nibbly wafers. Made from a blend of organic fruits and vegetables mixed with buckwheat with no added sugar or salt, I was happy that Max would be getting a healthy snack.

Suitable from 6 months, Little Yums are the perfect first snack for self feeding babies, and with Max being a very accomplished baby led weaner, he had no problems at all grabbing hold of one of these! Each box contains 6 packets of wafers, and each little wrapped packet holds 3 wafers - the perfect amount to pop in your changing bag if you're heading out for the day. 

Max loved the Little Yums. He really enjoyed both flavours, not seeming to have a preference but enjoying both equally. I even offered a pumpkin and banana one to Jacob on a trip to the park when he declared he was 'starving' and I didn't have anything else. Despite being unimpressed at the idea of eating a baby biscuit, his hunger overcame him and he ate the lot - so our Little Yums have been enjoyed by an 11 month old and an almost 6 year old alike!

These are now our go to snack at any time of the day - I have not come across anything else that Max has enjoyed quite so much. They are firm enough for him to hold on to, but seem to melt in his mouth once he takes a bite. 

I can highly recommend the Plum Little Yums nibbly wafers. Max loves the taste of them, and I love how convenient they are for taking out and about, as well as knowing that Max is getting a healthy and nutritious snack.

Tried & Tested Tuesday

Welcome to another Tried & Tested Tuesday!

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Cosatto Troop car seat review from Emmy's Mummy. Harry looks SO comfortable in his new seat!

Cuba Maracca jumpsuit from KyNa Boutique from the lovely Make, Do and Push. This has to be the cutest romper ever right?

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